Because after Covid-19 changed the way we consume, the Spanish brand Zara adopted a whole new business strategy to avoid long and endless queues at the changing rooms. The concept ? Develop the functionality of the Zara application to provide a unique shopping experience for the customer.

Reserve your fitting room online
Thanks to the “store mode” of the application, everyone can book their cabin online in any shop. When it is free, the customer will receive a notification on his phone, indicating that he can proceed with his fittings. A new measure which will aim above all to enforce physical distance and barrier gestures, always recommended by the WHO.

And the brand doesn’t stop there. Via the application, the customer can also select the store of their choice and find out about the entire selection of items available in real time. Thus, he will be able to buy online and collect his articles the same day thanks to a QR code generated during the purchase. For those who prefer to go directly to the store, the “geolocation” function will make it possible to locate their favorite item in the store.

The eco-responsible commitments of the brand
In its press release, Zara also announces its ecological objectives and commits to ambitious objectives by favoring the use of sustainable or recycled fibers by 2025. How? By calling on suppliers who meet sustainable production standards, by eliminating single-use plastics for customers, but also by recycling materials already used in stores.

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