If you spent your childhood dancing to the Spice Girls and the Destiny’s Child, you will be delighted because the outfits of your former idols are making their comeback on the fashion scene! Platform sneakers, jogging, mom jeans … All the pieces that you never dared to wear “in real life” are now part of the trends of the year. Kiff, right ?!

Mom jeans
After experiencing great success in the 70s and then in the 90s, mom jeans were quickly replaced by slim jeans! Not flattering enough, too broad … If no one really believed in him, the fashionistas decided to give him a second chance. Cousin of boyfriend jeans, mom jeans succeeds by becoming the must-have of the year and we love it for several reasons. In addition to being extremely comfortable, its mid-high waist refines and flatters all shapes. Finally, it can be worn with sneakers, moccasins and even ankle boots.

Logo t-shirt
The logomania trend is also making a big comeback! While brands like Fila and Champion are resurfacing twenty years after their heyday, displaying the logo of their favorite brand has never been so cool and stylish. This season, we choose it in its XXL version and we tuck it into our high-waisted jeans for a relaxed but trendy look. Revival of nineties requires, at the feet, it is a pair of sneakers that is required!

Platform sneakers
If you are a real 90’s girl, the Buffalo are necessarily one of your favorite sneakers. Good news ! After wearing them for years in the playground, you can FINALLY take them out to go to work (or not). But do not panic ! If unfortunately you have not kept them, many brands offer their own platform sneakers. In leather, fabric, metallic or even glitter, the more fun they are the better!

Wearing jogging pants in town? It may seem surprising but be prepared because you will only see that this season! While it has long been synonymous with carelessness and total lack of style, jogging is today THE stylish piece you need to have in your wardrobe. But beware, there is no question of wearing it with a sweatshirt, sneakers and a backpack! In 2019, the tracksuit is worn with heels, a small satin tank top and a designer handbag. Without forgetting the snaps on the side! No, no, it is not a joke.

The overalls
Aaaaah the good day before overalls! If it traumatized us a lot being younger, the overalls have recently been rehabilitated by fashionistas and finally, we like it quite well. And who says reconciliation says new user guide mode! For those who prefer overalls, leave the wool tights. This year, we assume it bare legs when the temperature is right or with opaque tights for the more chilly. In jeans, velvet, checkered or colored, the overalls have officially dethroned the jumpsuit.

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