A custom design t-shirt
If you don’t really have the courage to cut, sew, make complex modifications to your t-shirt, this is an interesting alternative for you. All you will need is a bleach pen and a little creativity. Draw, write something you like on your t-shirt with your gel pen. After standing for a few minutes, simply rinse the t-shirt in cold water and dry it.

A cushion cover with fringes
A t-shirt with a beautiful image or inscriptions will be perfect for making a superb cushion! Put your t-shirt flat on a table and draw a square of the size you want with chalk, preferably make it big enough. Then draw another square in the first about 7 cm from the sides and 6 cm from the top and bottom and cut the large square on the two layers.

Let’s go to the next step: notch the 4 sides of your square until the interior layout. You just have to tie the fringes on the 3 sides and insert a cushion in your cover. Finally tie the last fringes.

The one shoulder top
If you have an old extra large t-shirt, this is the opportunity to take it out to make it a very trendy top! You will have no seam to make, everything is played in the cut. First you need to cut your t-shirt from the shoulder to below the opposite armpit, then you have to take off the remaining sleeve to get a sleeveless top with one shoulder.

The next step is to cut at the shoulder so that the top can open. Finally, to give style to your top, make small slits on the shoulder and on the sides and separate the two sides by cutting the end of the fringes then tie the strips.

Art paintings
That’s right, you can make very beautiful pictures to decorate your interior with old t-shirts, provided they have pretty patterns. You will need a few things: scissors, a stapler and a canvas frame. Choose a t-shirt with an image you like since you will hang it in your living room.

Iron your t-shirt well to smooth out any creases, then place your design well in the center of the frame and stretch the fabric as much as possible before stapling the edges. Finish by cutting off the excess fabric and your decorative painting is ready to hang.

A knotted tank top
This DIY idea is reserved for long-sleeved t-shirts. Start by cutting the sleeves of your t-shirt, making sure to keep the seam overlocked, so that you no longer have to redo the hems. Lay one of the sleeves flat and cut it in half lengthwise to have two pieces of the same size.

Finally, tie each of the two pieces around the two shoulders of your top and voila!

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