1. The Peter Pan collar
    For you: The Peter Pan collar is synonymous with Brigitte Bardot retro elegance.
    For him: It is the memory of the little plague of the nursery school which pushed him in the sandbox and pulled his hair. Nothing very sexy then.

The solution: To avoid going back to school, marry your Peter Pan collar top with a black vinyl cutout skirt. To perfect the outfit, choose a pair of ankle boots.

  1. The oversized coat
    For you: It’s the promise of an ├╝ber-cool look.
    For him: It is simply the coat that his grandmother Denise wore when he was 4 years old. Even less glamorous.

The solution: As in the photo below, wear a fine mesh top paired with gray straight jeans. At the feet be relaxed and opt for a pair of sneakers, Stan Smith, or Converse white.

  1. Carrot pants
    For you: It’s the pants that make you look masculine and feminine that you love
    For him: the pants do not flatter your buttocks at all

The solution: Silk blouse and embroidered jacket are the two pieces to have to be perfect with carrot pants.

  1. Birkenstocks
    For you: This is the chic and comfortable summer sandal
    For him: This is the worst thing that could happen to your feet (after buying Crocs it is obvious)

One of the worst things? There are also Crocs with heels, but that’s another debate. On the other hand, your darling should know that the Birkenstocks are back in force this year. They are flat, with platforms, of all the colors, with nails. Everything is allowed ! (or almost)

  1. The midi skirt
    For you: This is THE feminine skirt par excellence
    For him: It is the memory of his other grandmother Simone

The solution: To avoid reminding her of bad memories, we advise you to associate the midi skirt with a V-neck or round t-shirt. And nude pumps to enhance the outfit. In winter, you can opt for brown or black ankle boots.

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