Round glasses, you have to dare!
These are the most cheeky glasses: whether glamorous, rock, vintage, or intellectual chic, the round glasses are intended for personalities who are not afraid to take care of themselves.
The round is also and above all a positive, warm form, which inspires sympathy and humor. Yes, finally your glasses say a lot about you.
So make sure upstream of your choice, that they match your temperament!

Round glasses: for which face?
First, define the type of glasses you need: sunglasses or prescription glasses? The difference is crucial!

  • In the prescription glasses version, the frame of the round glasses is often narrower, thinner, and the diameter less wide.
  • In the sunglasses version, the choice widens: vintage shapes, oversized “fly” glasses … that stars adore!
    It is up to you to find your happiness among the different sizes according to your morphology.

To find out if the shape of your face will fit round glasses, take the test: pull your hair back, and observe your face carefully.

You have an oval face …
… if your face is without angles, and the length is more important than the width.
You are a lucky one: you can afford all the models, so the round glasses will delight you. Have fun with several pairs, like Miss Gaga, who has a whole paraphernalia of crazy glasses.

You have a round face…
… if your face forms a rather regular circle, without angles, and that the width and the length are the same size.
In principle, round glasses for a round face are too much! But if you fully assume your doll face, why not force the baby doll line with round glasses? Avoid opaque glasses anyway, prefer tinted glasses, which refine the face.

You have a triangular face …
… if your forehead is wider than the bottom of your face.
Warning ! You can wear round glasses, but only certain models: to not look like a fly, opt for thin and not too wide frames, with rounded lower bases. Do not take models that go too low too, this accentuates the peak effect.

You have a rectangular face …
… if your face is longer than it is wide, with angles.
You can afford almost anything, and round glasses are highly recommended for your face type: they soften your features and accentuate the smoothness of the face.

You have a square face …
… if your face is regular, but with angles, a strong jaw, and a broad forehead, and the width and the length are in the same proportions.
Avoid oversized glasses (do not take the example of Nicole, who does it only at her head!) Which mark the face and make it hard. Otherwise, you can easily afford to wear round glasses. We recommend a fine and original frame if you have personality, to give even more character to your face.

Final indications …

  • With round glasses, we are particularly vigilant about the eyebrows: these pairs tend to hide them entirely, while your eyebrows are an integral part of the look! If we hide them, we lose what harmonizes the face.
  • Plump cheekbones, refrain! Avoid the round glasses which often bring out your bulging cheeks, making you pass for a girl! Prefer oval or butterfly shapes, also very trendy.
  • Round glasses, especially when they are large, sometimes hide a trap: they can become annoying. To avoid this, by trying them, smile as much as possible, and check that they do not touch your cheekbones.

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